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Selasa, 5 April 2011

Yuyu Zulaikha -Ferrero Random GiveAway

salam again dear readers! ( i need to type in English because tomorrow is my MUET speaking, -___________-)

okay first of all, did everyone know yuyu zulaikha?? whatt? you do not know her? haish~ dont lie to me, she is a damn wonderful beautiful model okay! fullstop :P

okay, actually she wanna make a giveaway for her anniversary 5000follower (wow, such a lot follower, im juz hve 40follower only T____T) so jealous bout it! but well, she is pretty n have a nice entry actually :3

i want that ferrero collection sis! i want it! i want it! i want it! :D, but.. she gonna use, do not like it -_______________-

well, based on luck, want to give a try? as usual, click-click at her nose :P (do not mad2 r, joking only :D)

by the way, if yuyu came here, thanks for reading n coming here, its not easy a popular person came and read my blog (how pathetic -,-)

emmmmm sis, just give me the ferrero collection laa, i know i would win for sure, hua3~ (so2 arrogant ini ayu -___-) think dats all, need to practice my tongue, jawooo tongue u know :P) salam bye2 i bid to all readers :)

P/S: pssst, sis yuyu~ same name with my url yuyuakochan ;P

1 ulasan:

  1. pok amai amai...
    belalang kupu-kupu...
    join giveaway yuyu...
    mana tahu menang ferrero satu...

    sape nak menang ipad 2 ???
    klik >


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