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Sabtu, 4 Jun 2011

Happy 100Follower, Sad JGS

Assalamualaikum all,

Speaking English time!!

Well, its been  a long time i aint type in english flow. Quite hard for me, but i'll try okay my bestie ^^, ! Anyway, there are two things that make me feel so thrill and happy! What is it? Well,....

Number 1

I already achieve my target as a newbie blogger!! 

 Number 2

 even i wasn't there, BUT! i already ask my parents to go to KLCC for the autograph! And they did!!

Aww, i really hope i could get oppa autograph. Anyway, im already too thrill when he came to MALAYSIA. Oppa, enjoy your day okay. What about take a taste of 'roti salai' just like 2AM. They say its delicious! Anyway, happy blogging all ^^,

Commenter: please comment in english if you dare, haha XD
Love ya!

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